HiTech (Aces High) Links:
Aces High homepage:  http://www.hitechcreations.com

Links to Aces High Training Websites:
The Official AH training website: http://trainers.hitechcreations.com/
Fighter performance comparison charts: http://www.gonzoville.com/ahcharts/index.php
Soda's aircraft evaluation pages: http://members.shaw.ca/soda_p/models.htm

Misc. Links:
Very cool WWII aircraft videos: Zeno's Warbirds
List of wartime military ranks:  http://www.elsham.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ranks.html
P-51 Mustang info: http://www.mustangsmustangs.net/p-51/p51.shtml
Late war Luftwaffe aircraft: http://www.luft46.com/
Stormbirds - A list of Luftwaffe related websites:  http://stormbirds.com/