NCLawMan (LEO1)

I am the one holding the big-azz ahi (yellowfin tuna)


July 2006 Bomber Rank #24

May 2006 Bomber Rank #3

April 2006 Bomber Rank #21

Raleigh, NC

Joined DFA:
Originally joined as LEO1 in the summer of 2001, returned as NCLawMan in November 2005

Favorite Planes:
Hurricane IIc
Spitfire VIII

Favorite Flying Beverage(s):
Samuel Adams (seasonal brews, and Light)

Law Enforcement

Favorite Quotes:
"Light travels faster than sound.  This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak".
"Those who contribute the least to society, expect the most from it."

Boating, Golf, SCUBA Diving, Deep Sea Fishing and Darts (Steel tip)