Dublin, Ireland

Joined DFA:
June 26, 2002

Favorite Planes:
FW-190 A8
Lancaster III

Favorite Flying Beverage(s):
The black stuff with a Wild Turkey Chaser and Twenty Marlboros (yeah I'm a health freak)

Favorite Flying Tunes:
Led Zep

Hobbies/Bad Habits:
Not sleeping (bad habit)
Staying awake (hobby)

Everyone I know is special.... sometimes too special!
My girlfriend TopCat rocks!

Childhood Mishap:
Hmmm when I was ten I fell of a cliff. I fell towards the rocks but somehow landed in a crab pool. Most people who saw me fall thought I was dead. Since that day I swore I would never fly again... I lied.  (True Story)

The Infamous "Otago":