University of North Carolina graduate - majors in Chemistry and Education.

Served in USNR during latter days of Vietnam Conflict as a RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) in VF-103 (F-4 Phantom).  Flew several combat missions.  My pilot got us 2 x KIA with AIM -9L missile, and I selected the targets for him.  I also vectored him away from all but one SAM during our last mission.  We evaded 6 but the 7th had a proximity fuse and burst within a few feet of our plane.  We almost made it back to CV but  it was too damaged to land so we punched out about 5 miles short.  We both lived to admit being "shot down".

Since then have worked as Research Chemist; FedEx driver, manager, and Quality Assurance Manager; and had my own financial planning business.

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June 6th, 1999 - Original Member

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12 year old single malt Scotch

Christine my wife of 27 years
One dog and one bird